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Our company is family owned and operated. We were founded in 2004 with the goal of providing exceptional pest service at affordable prices for clients both big and small. When you have a pest problem this is the place to get it solved fast, safe, and at a great value. We have serviced thousands of homes and business without fail. We have designed special treatment plans for every type of bug, rodent, or other pest problems for the greater NWI area. A treatment is a one time service which means, when the problem is gone – so are we! We provide effective pest removal and elimination solutions to both residential and commercial clients. Our process is safe and totally “green” meaning you never have to deal with the fallout of harsh nasty chemicals.
Our Top Treatments

Rodent Treatment: Starting with a thorough inspection of the property we establish the source of the infestation. We then establish a baiting system to lure in and eliminate your infestation.

Bee & Wasp Treatment: We eliminate your bee and wasp with our green S.I.T.E. approach ensuring your property is free of these dangerous pests.

Ant Treatment: This treatment is an initial pest treatment with 2 follow-up treatments to solve any problems you may be having.

Roach Treatment: Getting rid of this pest is paramount to your health. We provide a quick initial treatment and follow-up treatments ensuring a completely healthy home.

Bed Bugs Treatment: We include a detailed inspection, apply a primary treatment, and follow up with secondary treatments after 2 weeks eliminating your bed bug problem.


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"Best Pest Control Company in Northwest Indiana! Great job! Yesterday bugs, today happy wife! Very prompt, professional, courteous, and discreet! Highly Recommended!"

Joe W.

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